Freeport is primarily occupied with series production and development of TV formats within documentaries, current affairs, journalistic entertainment, reality series, light entertainment and commercials. Freeport Media a.s. is a Danish production company with television facilities and editorial offices at the address Sankt Annæ Plads 19C, Copenhagen. Freeport Media a.s. is a subsidiary of Freeport Film a.s., which was founded in 1996 by managing director Karsten Kjaer.

Karsten Kjaer
Karsten Kjaer is a Journalist, Director and Producer who worked as a foreign correspondent for World Media before turning to television. He is well known for his use of satire, humour and extraordinary methods in the coverage of sensitive political and cultural issues. Karsten Kjaer is the founder and owner of the independent production company Freeport Film. He has produced more than 600 programmes for Danish and European television as well as numerous specials on world affairs.

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